To the Editor:

I was both relieved and grateful Terrie Wood chose to run again as our state representative, as I have consistently been impressed by her energy, her enthusiasm, her passion for the job, her bipartisan approach to solving problems, and most importantly, her sincere and never-ending efforts to represent all of her constituents, regardless of their political affiliation.

Always the optimist, Terrie genuinely believes Connecticut’s current fiscal problems can be mitigated and turned around, and she’s willing to commit the time and energy to make this happen. She has the drive and the proven leadership experience we need right now to tackle the many issues we face in our community and in Hartford. We are incredibly fortunate to have a candidate who has a sound understanding of the issues that need to be addressed, a clear vision of the work that needs to be accomplished on our behalf, and the ability to achieve meaningful results for all of us.

The future of our town and this state can only benefit from her dedication and commitment to reverse the devastating policies of our Democratic leaders in Hartford, which are hurting all of us. As a long-time resident of Darien, I am genuinely concerned about our future here in our community and in this state, and I implore you to join me in voting for Terrie Wood on Nov. 8.

Belinda Metzger