To the Editor:

It is a privilege to serve Darien residents in the state legislature. Over the years, we have formed a strong relationship with the Darien community and, because of this, we understand what’s important to you.

One very important issue here in Darien and to us is education. When the Educational Cost Sharing grant was eliminated, we immediately fought to restore as much of that funding as possible. We worked as partners to present a strong case and convinced our colleagues in the legislature to vote with us in restoring almost all of this important funding to Darien students.

This is what it takes: understanding the issues that are important to the Darien community, the willingness to fight for them and building consensus. This is why we need Randy Klein to join us in Hartford. He will fight for Darien.

Bob Duff

Carlo Leone

William Tong

Bob Duff, the senate majority leader, represents the 25th district. Carlo Leone is the state senator for the 27th district. William Tong is the state representative for the 147th district. All three are running for reelection.