To the Editor:

Have you heard about the new campaign in Darien? It has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with something much more important, our youth in town!

Darien is no different than many other towns and cities with the problem of underage and binge drinking. Here is one of the biggest differences that set us apart: We are tackling the problem head on and need your help.

I urge all parents and grandparents to take a few minutes and visit the website It will explain the campaign, which is sponsored by The Community Fund of Darien’s Thriving Youth Task Force. Many dedicated people in our town are working hard to help educate everyone on this difficult issue, but it can’t be successful unless we all work together.

Take a few minutes out of your day and learn what is all about.

Susan Marks


Editor’s note: Susan Marks serves on the Board of Selectman.