To the Editor:

Connecticut is a financial disaster. Annual deficits caused by excessive borrowing and legacy pension funding for state employees have forced the elected officials to increase taxes on businesses and even not-for-profit hospitals.

Tax revenue continues to plummet as the largest individual taxpayers and some major corporations leave the state.

Terrie Wood understands this. She has demonstrated the courage to fight for responsible budget reform and was one of our only local leaders to fight the hospital tax endorsed by Gov. Malloy and State Sen. Duff.

Amazingly, Terrie is enthusiastic about the future of our state.

She has reached across the aisle to work with any legislator that has a balanced approach to education, gun control and social services.

She is a member of the finance revenue and bonding committee so she can see that a responsible financial plan can put us back on sound footing over the next decade. After serving since 2008, Terrie has the respect of all members of the legislature.

Less then one cent of every dollar we send to Hartford gets returned to Darien to support our local needs. Tax and spend has created a vicious cycle threatening the quality of life throughout Connecticut.

One-party rule is never a good thing for any society. We need to change leadership in Connecticut from the top down. We need competent experienced people to get that done. Clearly Terrie Wood is one of those leaders.

Doug Milne