To the Editor:

Smoke detectors save lives and are vital for safety in any home or business. Their useful life is relatively long, and so they are not given much thought until there is a need to dispose of old or non-functioning devices. Most residential smoke detectors contain a small amount of radiation — hielded by a metal chamber so that it poses no threat to human health — but they should never be thrown out with trash or placed with single-stream recycling. These “ionization” detectors are easily identified by either a warning label or the international symbol for radiation on the back of the device.

They are not accepted at household hazardous waste collections and, unlike other consumer products like mattresses and paint, there is no stewardship law that requires manufacturers to take them back. In short, they have been difficult to properly get rid of.

A primary mission of our committee is to create opportunities for Darien residents to recycle as many materials as possible. Not only does recycling enable residents to reduce their volume of waste, but it keeps out of the waste stream materials that should not be there, such as electronics. Effective in March, Darien became the first town in Connecticut to receive approval from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to establish a recycling program for smoke detectors. The collection bin is bright yellow and is located inside the transfer station building next to the recycling containers for light bulbs, batteries and paint products. Smoke detectors collected will be shipped to an authorized facility where they will safely be disassembled and the various components recycled.

It is important to have smoke detectors in good working order in every home. If it is time to update yours, do so with confidence that you can now easily and safely dispose of the old ones.

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Craig Flaherty


Darien Energy & Recycling

Advisory Committee

To the Editor:

It was such an honor to see the community come together once again to support those who are, or have in the past, been treated for cancer at the Bennett Cancer Center’s 22nd annual Walk & Run. On Sunday, June 5, National Cancer Survivors Day, more than 3,500 community members, including many from Darien, filled downtown Stamford. The Walk & Run is the signature event for Hope in Motion, our year-round fundraising initiative, and gives families and friends an opportunity to rally around cancer survivors and honor and remember loved ones, as well.

Due to the community’s dedication and the ongoing generosity of those who support this event, we are able to make a difference in the lives of many patients and their families. The funds raised go directly toward programs and services that benefit our patients, including: transportation to and from treatment; supportive care and educational services, such as stress management, nutritional counseling, individual/family group counseling, and a survivorship program; mini grants that help eligible patients in need of financial help with non-medical expenses; massage, reflexology, Reiki, yoga and tai chi; and post-treatment recovery services, including exercise programs and sessions with a cancer-certified trainer.

All of these programs are made available to patients and their families at no additional charge because of the funds raised by Hope in Motion. As the director of the Bennett Cancer Center, I have witnessed the life-changing impact these services have on our patients and their families. It is gratifying to know that we can support them through all aspects of their cancer journey.

On behalf of everyone at Stamford Health, I would like to thank our generous sponsors, event organizers, committee members and volunteers for their unwavering commitment and hard work.

I sincerely want to thank everyone who continues to help us put “hope in motion” for cancer patients in our community. We could not do this without all of you and I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Liz Manfredo

Director, Bennett Cancer Center, Cancer Service Line

Stamford Health

To the Editor:

The Darien YMCA would like to thank everyone who volunteered, participated, and donated to our Darien YMCA Golf Scramble on June 21st. Over 100 golfers attended this event, which was held at the Griffith E. Harris Golf Club in Greenwich.

We are grateful for our sponsors, including platinum sponsors Abercrombie, Burns and McKiernan, Bankwell, Coastal Tile, Jantile, Laticrete, Stamford Health, and Wilkstone LLC. Our generous gold sponsors included Alliance Heating and Air Conditioning, Continental Marble, Darien Police Association, Joseph Curvino, and the Masi Co.

All proceeds from the Darien Y Golf Scramble will go toward the Darien YMCA programs for children with special needs. Last year, the Darien YMCA provided $400,000 in funding for special needs programs, the majority of which came from donations and fundraising. The Darien Y is the largest provider of special needs programs in our community, with annual participation rates of over 600 individuals in activities including yoga, martial arts, aquatic programs and summer camp.

We are especially grateful for the dedicated founder and chairman of this event, Pio Bruzzese. He created this fundraiser for the Darien Y with the goal of continuing to provide children with all abilities with the chance to learn, grown and be respected for who they are.

Pat Morrissey

Executive director

Darien YMCA

To the Editor:

Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, visited Connecticut recently; not to sightsee but to poach companies.

Can anybody blame him? After all, Connecticut has become an unfriendly state for business, in addition to its increasing debt problems. Of course let’s not forget its crumbling infrastructure, high cost of living, high energy costs, looming pension liabilities, etc. Well you get the picture and it appears Scott also got the picture.

Unfortunately, Connecticut’s Democratic Party politicians did not. Instead of recognizing the problems Connecticut faces, they resort to “holier than thou comments” that only serve to distract from the seriousness of the problems Connecticut faces; mostly caused by Connecticut Democrats.

While Gov. Dan Malloy and Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, D-Norwalk, mock Scott and accuse Republicans of being traitorous, the truth is that Connecticut politicians have essentially invited Scott, and other governors, by turning Connecticut into an anti-business state.

While Scott offers businesses a significantly better business environment down in Florida, what do state Democrats have to offer besides fake shock that Connecticut Republicans would attend a function with Scott, saying that Florida has lots of problems, and talking about the weather, they offer nothing except an educated workforce.

But access to a better educated workforce was listed as one of the reasons GE moved its headquarters to Boston. So what are they talking about? The deafening silence, and attacking of Republicans, as well as Floridians, on what else Connecticut offers companies, compared to the negatives, is what everybody needs to remember come Election Day.

Mark Plotzky