To the Editor:

From the first environmental teach-in on April 22, 1970, what have we learned? For starters, the numerous biological, psychological and medical health benefits of getting out into nature are now scientific fact.

We also know developed countries that have forever lost their natural wild places and creatures are now “creating” nature spaces for human healing. Who doesn't want to reduce stress hormone levels? Nature can fix the human condition. So now what? Earth Day was set aside to honor the Earth, and in so doing, foster peace. Sounds great! So let’s get out there. … Get out of ourselves and into the world (and “woods”). Peace on Earth may be more easily attainable when we get out into nature and let nature fix our ailments.

Where do I go? On Earth Day Saturday, from noon to 2 p.m., Darien Nature Center has an Earth Day Celebration for all ages. Meet many of Darien’s nature activists and then take a walk on the trails or meet some wild animals in the center. Take a peek at the Cherry Lawn Gardens to see what’s growing. Dunlap and Selleck’s Woods have extensive trails that dogs love to run on. Join in a 9 a.m. cleanup team at Woodland Park and then enjoy the refurbished trails.

Hiking not your thing? You can do some bird watching on the DCA bird walk. Take a stroll around Tilly Pond Park on your visit downtown. Even a walk around your block, picking up items that could be recycled or thrown away makes the world a better place. Or perhaps sitting by the seashore at Pear Tree Point Beach or Weed Beach watching children, birds, fish, butterflies, etc., move about is more your style? If you’re driving around town, open your windows and notice the numerous open spaces preserved by the Darien Land Trust.

If you prefer the indoors, a visit among the flowers and plants of Nielsen’s Florist or Gardeners Center will also lower your blood pressure. Maybe you’ll bring some of nature’s beauty home. Or perhaps think to bring something beautiful or fragrant to someone you know who can’t get outside. Get your nature fix. It’s free. Be grateful for the numerous natural resources that our town has so carefully safeguarded for our enjoyment. And if that isn’t enough, on Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m., the Darien Library will be hosting an All Things Green Festival where more Earth Day celebrating will occur, you can learn about the latest in solar energy practices and even exchange some old incandescent bulbs for new energy efficient LED bulbs. Earth Day is a gift for us.

Heather Drugge


Family talk about drinking important

To the Editor:

With prom and graduation season around the corner, it’s time to talk with our teenagers about making smart choices, including how to deal with peer pressure to drink. We can have a big impact on our children’s decisions about drinking. In fact, studies show parents are still the No. 1 one influence on their teenagers’ decisions about alcohol. It all starts with conversations and building relationships of trust.

To help start — or continue — these important conversations, Dichello Distributors would like to remind parents about the Family Talk About Drinking program, a free parent guide designed to encourage open and honest communication between parents and their children. Programs like this one, paired with education and effective law enforcement, are essential to preventing underage drinking.

Following is a list of the Family Talk About Drinking online resources you can find on your channel of choice:, and

Remember, it’s our collective responsibility to help prevent underage drinking, and parents have one of the most important roles of all.

Tony Lota

Alcohol awareness coordinator

Dichello Distributors, Inc.