To the Editor:

We would like to offer a well-deserved thank you to Jimmy Flynn and his crew for all they do to keep our beaches and parks so beautiful and clean.

As this season ends, we think back to all those days we spent at our pristine beaches with the sand raked and swept so that all could enjoy a perfect beach experience. We are still amazed by this and we have lived here in Darien for 32 years. We never take for granted those little details that make Darien such a magnificent place to live.

Whether you just go to the beach to read or to swim and play, it is never a disappointment. The quiet, the spotlessness and the general peaceful atmosphere is what people look for on their vacations. We have it right here and we often don’t appreciate what it takes to maintain it.

Too often it is the complainers who get all the attention. Some people take it for granted and would rather criticize.

So, this is just a reminder that there are many people who do notice and say thank you for all you do to make our town a cut above the rest.

Elaine and Eddie Drach


Editor’s note: James Flynn is Darien’s supervisor of parks maintenance.

To the Editor:

Jayme Stevenson, Susan Marks and Kip Koons make a strong trio governing, developing and protecting Darien.

In fact, all five members of the Board of Selectmen have done a great job, been effective and worked very well together. I encourage you to re-elect this entire board to let them continue their strong leadership in this difficult time in Connecticut.

Each person brings a special talent.

Jayme Stevenson is a steady and decisive leader. Susan Marks walks the town and listens carefully to the word on the street. Kip Koons has his sharp pencil and burns the midnight oil pouring over the books. Marc Thorne has a great intellect and experience in business and local government. And Rob Richards is the young blood, making sure the wants and needs of the younger people of Darien are heard.

In these awful financial times in Connecticut, let’s keep this strong team in place!

Catherine Beckmann


To the Editor:

My name is Greg Ehlers and I am supporting Jayme Stevenson for first selectman.

Being a student of politics, I was not surprised to already hear the rhetoric from the left regarding Jayme Stevenson, but I was surprised at such unfounded criticisms.

For example, there were accusations of a lack of transparency.

Look at the record: Channel 79 is covering every meeting at Town Hall, with funding in the selectmen’s budget. Your DVR or the web will get your transparency anytime you want.

Darien signed on to “Open Gov,” a cloud-based financial planning and transparency tool. Log in anytime to and study Darien’s data and spending down to the penny.

Furthermore, Jayme went to great lengths this year to educate us on the impact of the actions by the Democrats in Hartford on our tax bills, mill rate and the potential effects on services. She was very transparent.

Greg Ehlers


To the Editor:

We are lucky to have such an experienced and committed team of Republican town leaders in Darien like First Selectman Jayme Stevenson, Selectman Susan Marks and Selectman Kip Koons. We need their steady hands and clear thinking more than ever to navigate our town through the difficult times ahead.

Connecticut is facing significant and widespread financial difficulties.

Hartford is already seeking to push some of this burden down to well-managed towns like Darien. Fortunately, our town leaders have had the foresight to begin preparing for this by working hard to strengthen Darien’s financial position, helping us become more self-sufficient. They’ve been investing in our infrastructure, improving our schools, and building our business community, too.

By fighting for local control and pushing back on expanding state-mandates and regional government expansion, Jayme, Susan and Kip are working hard to help preserve those things we all love about Darien.

Meg and David Orner


To the Editor:

Although we are repeatedly reminded of the issues our state is facing as a result of the failed majority leadership in Hartford, we should rest assured that here in Darien we have proven leadership that is focused on the things that matter to Darien residents.

Jayme Stevenson and her running mates Susan Marks and Kip Koons have shown they can successfully negotiate and execute on important projects such as the acquisition of the Ox Ridge Hunt Club property and develop long-term strategies for our assets such as bringing natural gas to Darien and implementing new pedestrian safety measures. Stevenson’s team has continued to drive greater efficiencies in the services delivered to our town’s residents while delivering historically low budgets and working closely with leaders of the town’s other boards and commissions by leading with a nonpartisan and inclusive approach.

Join me in reelecting Stevenson, Marks and Koons this November.

Jim Palen


Editor’s note: Jim Palen is a member of the Darien Board of Finance.