Dems thank supporters

After many weeks of busy campaigning, meeting, debating and greeting, we three, who have just finished running as Darien Working Together, would like to say thank you to all of you who worked with us, all of you who supported us -- whether Democrat, Unaffiliated or Republican -- all of you who voted for us, and those who may not have voted for us, but just took an interest in what we had to say.

While we are all honored to have participated in the electoral process of our fine town, we all treasure the relationships forged among the campaign team and the opportunity to hear what is on the minds of our Darien community. Darien is a small and beautiful town, and we three got to see the best of it and its people. Let's keep the conversations going.

Thank you, Darien.

John Lundeen,

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David Bayne

and Vickie Riccardo


Jayme Stevenson ready to lead

I want to thank the Town of Darien for its strong vote of support for me last Tuesday. I'm honored to serve as Darien's 43rd first selectman. I'm also grateful that you re-elected my teammates Dave Campbell and Jerry Nielsen. Teamwork is how we accomplished so much over the past two years and how we will continue to face issues for the next two.

I'd also like to congratulate fellow board members David Bayne and John Lundeen and welcome them to our team. I'm hopeful that we will work very well together in a non-partisan way to execute the responsibilities of our board.

I want to thank Dave Campbell for setting a high standard of excellence in getting things done. Darien is a better place because of him. I'm grateful that he is willing to continue his service to the town as a selectman.

This campaign confirmed for me that we live in a wonderful community filled with great people and, no matter what your political affiliation, we all want the same things -- good schools, a safe community, a vibrant downtown, clean and nicely appointed parks and beaches, appropriate and efficient town services, prudent investment in our town infrastructure and taxes that support our needs without overburdening our residents. These things and the people I serve will guide my daily decision making.

My door is always open and I'm happy to talk with anyone who has questions or concerns. I will work hard for you.

Jayme Stevenson


Shame on you petitioners

Everyone has the right to fight for a cause they believe in despite the fact that even David Bayne, their own candidate for Board of Selectmen, and most other town residents agree that success is unlikely. Fine -- have at it. However, when a person or group of people look at the odds and decide to use deceptive measures to achieve their goals it begins to resemble the type of divisive politics frustrating people across the country.

If you were recently asked to sign a petition by one of these misinformed individuals who claimed that its sole purpose was to "stop the board of education from taking money from the children" then you were duped. We live in sad times indeed if your own neighbor or supposed friend coerced you into signing under false information and did so on school property or another venue violating existing policies. Where are these individuals sense of community and integrity? In the coming weeks, everyone will know who you are and you deserve the rebuke befitting someone behaving so poorly.

These views are my own and not necessarily the views of the town committee of which I am a member.

Joe Pizzarelli


Editor's note: Joe Pizzarelli is a member of the Darien Republican Town Committee.

Thank you

Darien voters

The Darien Republican Town Committee proudly thanks all town residents who voted in last week's election. Regardless of your choice, the act of voting gives all of us a voice in government and defines our society as a democracy.

A special thank you for your overwhelming support of Jayme, Dave, Jerry and the talented slate of Republican municipal candidates who have stepped up to volunteer their service to continue to make Darien one of the best towns in Fairfield County to live in. Congratulations to you all and to David Bayne and John Lundeen as well.

Together we can build upon past accomplishments and all continue to move Darien in the right direction

The Darien Republican Town Committee

DAC's mini golf event a hit

Thank you to everyone who made the Darien Community Association's Indoor Mini Golf a terrific success.

The DCA was proud to have Marcia Selden Catering as its lead sponsor along with the following Golf Hole Sponsors: Upper Crust Bagel; Lanphier Day Spa; Ana Blaze from Kelly Associates; Whole Food Markets; Spree; Darien Police Association; State Farm Insurance; BMW of Darien, BMW Mini of Darien; Darien Sport Shop; Darien Rowayton Bank, Geary Gallery; Click it For Cassie; Barrett Booksore; Abercrombie; Burns and McKiernan Insurance; H&L Chevrolet; Noroton Fire Department; Dr. David Osherow; Wish List; Lindamood Bell; and Learning Processes. Our 19th Hole Sponsors were 1020 Post; MGT Construction; Nissan Darien; Ring's End Lumber; and Chunky Pam's.

Also a very special thank you to all the hard working volunteers from the Depot who helped us with the logistics of setting up the course and making sure all the golfers were well taken care of all day long -- we couldn't have done it without you.

Michele Litt

Anita Walter


DCA's Indoor Mini-Golf

Shuffle opposition not so partisan

While participating in gathering signatures for the petition on a referendum to cancel the shuffle, I thought getting support from many Darien voters would be difficult because of the united opposition of the town's Republican officials and the complexity of the issue.

Consequently, I was surprised at the enthusiastic support from a majority of fellow Republicans I encountered. I want to thank them not only for adding their names to the petition, but also discussing the issue with me. It confirmed my opposition.

Finally, I want to remind everyone who signed that the tough part lies ahead -- making sure enough opponents of the shuffle turn out to vote it down.

Bart Ice


Little League board diversifies

In a small and often complacent town, it can be unpopular to challenge the status quo and seek positive change. However, without people who are willing to speak up, our community will remain provincial and exclusionary.

Over the last year, my husband publicly lobbied and challenged the perpetually homogeneous all-white and all-male 23-member board of directors of Darien Little League to become more inclusive and open its doors to a woman, a person of color, a representative of special needs children, and even a minister. My husband had volunteered as a Little League coach for many years and during this time had coached thirty teams for our sons over the spring, summer and fall seasons.

His point was that similar people tend to think alike, and that having diversity on the Darien Little League Board of Directors would bring new perspectives and better governance to the programs for girls and boys who play softball and baseball. Several weeks ago, Darien Little League proved that it had listened and voted in a new board of directors that for the very first time ever includes the three disenfranchised groups for whom my husband so strongly advocated: a woman; a person of color; and a representative of special needs children.

These new members are wonderful and qualified individuals who have been dedicated volunteers to Darien Little League and who will bring important and different voices to the table. Congratulations to the new and much-improved 2012 Darien Little League Board of Directors and may this story serve as encouragement to all those who would like to speak up, bring positive change, and improve our community.

Margaret Stefanoni