DARIEN — Darien students will be able to learn how to rotate a tire, replace light fixtures and troubleshoot their septic system as part of a proposed new class at the high school called “DIY - Do It Yourself.”

Jeromy Nelson, a technology education instructor at the high school, said the idea of the class came from a previous suggestion from board Vice Chairman Elizabeth Hagerty-Ross’ suggestion that seniors need more real world experience.

“I have a bunch of students that ask for an auto class, but I never saw the value of adding a total auto class into the system,” Nelson said, crediting Hagerty-Ross for causing him to think twice. “The department felt it was important. There’s definitely an interest from the kids. I think the need’s there.”

According to the course proposal, the class was ranked as being of the highest interest among students during a spring 2015 curriculum survey, with 64 percent of students expressing interest in such a class. The class would run once a year and would offset other single semester classes.

The class would be open to grades 9-12 and would be a half-credit, semester-long course. Students would not only learn the basics of car repair but home maintenance skills as well, such as how to repair drywall, add new lighting switches and outlets and paint walls.

The class would be taught in the set production room which is only used after school for building sets. Nelson told the board this room would be able to support the car students could practice auto maintenance on. A model wall in one of the tech ed rooms would be used for home maintenance repairs.

Darien High School principal Ellen Dunn said she hopes the class will draw a range of students down to the tech ed department.

“It could draw more ladies down to the tech ed department and show them what else is going on down there,” she said.

The board also heard proposals for an eleventh grade AP Language and Composition class, as well as an AP Macroeconomics class to accompany the AP Microeconomics course.

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