After being postponed due to poor weather, the public hearing for the Board of Education budget drew only a modest crowd while garnering support for funding foreign languages in the elementary school.

The public hearing began with a presentation from the Council for Darien School Parents who were in support of continuing funding the schools to maintain the strength of the programs. After the presentation, the hearing was opened to public comment.

The six parents who spoke at the hearing all agreed that the schools needed to implement a foreign language program sooner rather than later. Karen Christianson said she and her husband moved to Darien because of the reputation of the schools. However, she said she was surprised, and disappointed, to find out that the schools didn't offer foreign language at the elementary level.

"Most parents want their children to have foreign language," Christianson said. "I'm bilingual and all of my opportunities have been a result of my language skills."

Christianson said the schools needed to implement the programs as soon as possible and stop putting them off to the next year.

-- Ben Holbrook