Middlesex Middle School's seventh grade recently celebrated Latin America Day, a day-long celebration of Latin American history and culture.

This celebration was the culmination of three months of study and research of Latin America as part of MMS' seventh grade social studies curriculum. The students began the day portraying a Latin American character they had researched in their social studies class. They each donned colorful costumes, gave a brief description as to why their character was important to Latin American studies, and then proceeded to interview each other in order to learn greater detail about their fellow peers' characters.

Later in the day, the students enjoyed an authentic Latin American lunch catered by Mi Casitas restaurant in Norwalk and were taught how to dance some popular Latin dances including the salsa and meringue. Although many students were initially hesitant and shy about dancing, each student gained confidence, and rhythm, so that by the end of their lesson they were enjoying their new dance moves.

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