DARIEN — A town man was arrested after closing a door on the hand of the same victim he’d been arrested for allegedly assaulting days before.

According to police, William King, 49, of Walmsley Road, went to the police station’s communications officer on the morning of Aug. 1, several days after his original July 27 arrest. King was seeking advice about returning to his residence, where the victim was still living. King told officers that he needed to go there to drop off items from his vehicle for safekeeping while the vehicle was being repaired. King said he was afraid the victim would be angry and call 911 on him and he asked for an escort to the residence. The officers advised King to go to the residence and to call police if it was locked, in which case, they would assist.

At 9 a.m., officers were then dispatched to King’s residence on Walmsley Road for a domestic disturbance. When they arrived, they found King standing outside the residence by his vehicle. King said he went to the home, the door was unlocked. When he opened the door, the victim was in his way. He told officers he stepped back to avoid an altercation and could see the victim was holding the glass outer door of the home firmly shut.

Police then spoke to the victim who said King was bringing items into the house. When the victim went to the front door to see what King was doing, King pulled the door shut onto the victim’s hand as it was being held open. The victim had a visible contusion from this on their left hand and wrist.

Based on the physical evidence, King was arrested at the scene for violating a protective order and for disorderly conduct. He was fingerprinted, processed and held on a $10,000 bond. He appeared in court on Aug. 2.

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