DARIEN — A Darien man was arrested twice last weekend, once for drunk driving and then again for a domestic violence incident allegedly sparked by an arguement related to the first arrest.

On Friday, Aug. 5 around 7 p.m., officers were dispatched to an accident at the intersection of Old Kings Highway South and McCrea Lane. They found a UPS track that was struck while traveling in the westbound lane on Old Kings Highway. They also found a 2004 Infiniti G35 parked on McCrea Lane with its airbags deployed. Both vehicles were damaged, with the Infiniti sustaining heavy damage to its front end.

Officers approached the operator of the Infiniti, identified as Joseph Pulvirenti, 20, of 8 McCrea Lane. Pulvirenti told officers he had “no idea what happened” and that he was taking a right turn out of McCrea Lane when he collided with the truck. Though the airbags were deployed, Pulvirenti was not injured and said he did not need medical attention.

Officers noticed that Pulvirenti smelled of alcohol and held onto the open door of his vehicle to maintain balance. His eyes were also bloodshot, red and glassy and his speech was slurred. Pulvirenti admitted to officers he had drunk one and a half beers. He submitted to field sobriety tests and, based on the results plus his manner, he was placed under arrest for driving under the influence and for making an improper turn.

Pulvirenti was taken to the police station where he submitted to a breath test. At 8:07 p.m., his blood alcohol content came out at .09. Under age 21, a person is legally intoxicated at a .02 BAC or higher.

Pulvirenti was released on a $250 bond to his father at 9:30 p.m. The vehicle he was driving was towed from the scene due to damage and his license was automatically suspended due to him being underage.

The following night, police responded to Pulvirenti’s residence, 8 McCrea Lane, at 9:20 p.m. on a domestic violence call with reports of a possible physical altercation. Officers had received a 911 call from the residence, saying that Pulvirenti was trying to kill someone and two other people were holding him down.

When officers arrived on scene, the victim explained an argument had occurred about the incident that occurred the previous night. The victim got drawn into the argument and Pulvirenti focused his attention — and anger — on the victim. Pulvirenti then began chasing the victim around the house while repeatedly yelling “I’m going to kill you,” at which point the victim called 911.

The victim explained to officers that the incident never became physical. When asked about the incident, Pulvirenti told officers that he wasn’t being literal in his statements. He also said that the victim was always “getting into his business” and the argument occurring had not concerned the victim.

Due to these threats, Pulvirenti was again placed under arrest —this time for disorderly conduct and threatening in the second degree. He was transported to police headquarters, fingerprinted and processed. He was released the following day on Aug. 7 on a $500 bond.

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