Edgar Ortiz, 34, 794 Laurel Ave., Bridgeport, was arrested May 24 on charges of driving while intoxicated and driving without a license.

Ortiz was stopped during a DWI checkpoint on Ledge Road just after midnight, Darien police said. He attempted to drive through without stopping, but was going slow enough that a police officer was able to tap on the driver's side window to get him to stop, the report stated.

The officer reported detecting the odor of alcohol and saw that Ortiz's eyes were bloodshot, police said.

When Ortiz opened the door to exit the vehicle, he stumbled back, police said, and that he was unsteady on his feet and almost fell on several occasions.

Ortiz said he drank two beers during the course of the night, according to police.

He was administered field sobriety tests, which he failed, and refused take a Breathalyzer, police said.

He was held overnight in lieu of $250 bond, but was released that morning after bond was posted. He was scheduled to appear court May 24.