Jeffrey Romanchuck, 50, of Hartford was arrested on a warrant by the Darien police on Wednesday, Nov. 14, and charged with interfering with an officer and fabricating evidence related to the shooting death of Darien Police Officer Ken Bateman.

On July 1, police said, they were contacted by Romanchuck regarding the death of Bateman. Romanchuck had been interviewed numerous times in the past about the incident, but his information never proved to be reliable, according to police. When he contacted the police in July, he stated that he had a conversation with a subject who was bragging about having information about the death of Bateman, police said. Romanchuck told police that he had recorded the conversation on his cell phone and wanted to give that information to the Darien police.

An investigation into the reported recording proved that it was fabricated, according to police. Police said Romanchuck admitted that he fabricated the information and the recording. Police said his motive for doing so is unclear.

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Bateman was shot and killed May 31, 1981, while investigating a burglar alarm at Duchess Restaurant near the Darien/Norwalk town line.

Romanchuck's bail and court date were not immediately available.