On March 14, Middlesex Middle School in Darien hosted the inaugural Family Spontaneous Scrimmage Night for Odyssey of the Mind.

Six teams competed in four challenges with one of the teams comprised of Principal Debi Boccanfuso, Assistant Principal Andrew Byrne and Assistant Director of Special Education Carleen Wood.

Verbally challenging themselves, each team had to come up with a cohesive story, line by line, using a word randomly chosen from a pile.

Participants also had to stretch their imaginations to come up with creative items that could be found in a buried chest belonging to a crazy uncle.

The teams then created "clipper ships" from paper clips and index cards and had to see which one could be thrown the farthest.

The longest flight was across the length of the cafeteria.

Finally, the teams used a variety of materials, including dry spaghetti, rubber bands, paper clips, straws and a foam cup to take their creativity to new heights.

The winning family team included Louise and Thomas Brown, Judy and Alex Gu and Rudy, Justin and Toby Mossa.