Middlesex Middle School students have achieved high acclaim in many academic and sports related competitions. The Middlesex Quiz Bowl team, however, is one of the few that routinely excels in national, as well as, international competition.

The Quiz Bowl team is comprised of a bright, energetic group of students who meet once a week to practice with team coordinators Ken Romeo and Barbara Ivey in order to prepare them for various academic tournaments.

Quiz Bowl teams, at the middle school level, compete in the National Academic Quiz Tournaments Quiz Bowl participants answer questions that range over the entire spectrum of middle school curriculum as well as special events, sports, and popular culture. The teams compete in matches that incorporate individual knowledge and team collaboration. The ideal Quiz Bowl team is comprised of students with individual expertise in different subjects which, when combined, cover a wide array of knowledge.

The most common form of Quiz Bowl nationwide completion is held at a host school where anywhere from four to 104 teams from different schools come to play five to 12 matches, each of which takes around 30 minutes. Middlesex will host its first tournament called the Charter Oak Scholastic Open Sunday, Jan. 29. Schools from Boston, New York and all over Connecticut will come to Middlesex Middle School to compete.

On Dec. 7, the Middlesex Quiz Bowl team placed 22nd out of 545 teams from all over the world in a competition called The Knowledge Master Open. Teams in this international tournament receive 200 contest questions on a CD-ROM and compete using a computer at their own schools. The Middlesex team plans on participating in the next international Knowledge Master Open on April 25.

The Middlesex Middle School Quiz Bowl Team members are Jack Lavin, Sarishka Desai, Porter Bowman, Tommy Paul, Michael Borecki, Sarah Lehan, Teresa Du, Arija Forsyth, J.P. Barce, Brendan Berrigan, Julia Chow, Jonathon Stimpson, and Brendan Mahoney.

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