After helping the town weather a weakened economy, Gwen Mogenson has her sights set on the future as she seeks re-election.

Mogenson, who is finishing up her first term on the Board of Finance, said she was initially drawn to joining the Board because of her financial background and the belief that the town could afford to spend a little more money on various projects.

"When I first joined, I thought the BOF was a little more stringent in its spending and I thought we could open up the purse strings a little bit," she said. "Then the recession hit, and that line of thinking went out the window. Despite the weaker economy, we're in very good shape right now."

As a member of the BOF, Mogenson said aggressively refinancing the town's debt and looking into bonds have helped keep the town financially sound. As a result, she didn't think there were any major needs that haven't been, or won't be met in the near future.

"Our schools are in good shape, the police station is being finished, and I'm pretty sure the shuffle project will pass, so there aren't any major capital projects that could impact the budget," she said.

However, balancing the budgets won't be without challenges as the Board of Education budget continues to grow.

"The BOE budget is the biggest concern but the schools have taken steps to restructure and that should help with costs," Mogenson said. "The last two years we have had to give them money but we have a good working relationship with them."

As Mogenson finishes out her first term, she said the process of going over budgets has been a great learning experience.

"We go through the budgets in minute detail and I've had the opportunity to learn a lot about the town's finances and especially about the bonding process," Mogenson said.