Darien Republican Mike Murray is attempting to make his way onto the ballot for the Aug. 10 probate court judge primary.

As of early this week, he was working to collect the necessary 616 signatures to earn his spot on the ballot, alongside New Canaanite Bill Ostendorf and Darienite John Ryan. Both Ostendorf and Ryan were nominated for the position at the Republican Convention in early May, during which delegates failed to endorse an official candidate for the position.

Darien Republican Selectman Jerry Nielsen attempted to nominate Murray during the convention, but was unsuccessful, since Nielsen was not an official delegate.

Murray, a general practice attorney, lives in Darien and works on Locust Street in New Canaan. He spends a lot of time working on real estate, as well as some probate law and wills and trusts, he said.

"It's growth, professionally, to see things from where a judge sits. I've been a lawyer for about 20 years, and I think it would certainly be a new challenge," he said.

He thinks his involvement in both the New Canaan and Darien communities would be an asset to him if elected, he said.

"I think that people didn't like the situation at the convention, and I don't think people want this position to turn into the Turkey Bowl, with Darien against New Canaan," he said. "I live in one and work in the other, so I have a presence in both."

Murray's petition to join the race is due on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

Connecticut's 340-year-old probate court system previously consisted of 117 districts. In late 2009, it was reduced to 54 districts, forcing Darien and New Canaan to merge courts. New Canaan's Judge of Probate, Russell A. Kimes Jr., and Darien's Judge John B. Rearden Jr., are both set to retire at the end of their terms.