DARIEN — Darien is looking to roll out new initiatives based around technology, early intervention and differing education for the 2016-2017 school, according to superintendent of schools, Dan Brenner.

According to Brenner, one of the new programs parents of children in the younger grades can expect to see is the new Chromebook one-to-one program. The idea is to have one Chromebook for each student. The program will roll out for grades 4-7 this year and will go to the other grades over the following two years.

Brenner said the district will also be hiring an expert on differentiating instruction in the classroom to help teachers understand how to teach students with different learning styles and paces.

“There are methods to help teachers address those students,” said Brenner. “Kids don’t need to be struggling because they have different learning styles.”

The district is also putting out a new early intervention program to help identify students with special needs and help create models of support for them in schools.

“This is a continuation from last year where we are working on our response intervention program to better support our students,” Brenner said.

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