Darien artist Stan Pastore won best in show with "Old Yella," a watercolor painting, at the Darien Art Center's 56th annual Art Show and Sale.

The DAC received 275 entries from more than 170 artists from kindergartners to adults.

The show runs through Saturday, June 7, in the DAC Weatherstone Studio, 2 Renshaw Road. Artwork will be available for sale from noon to 5 p.m., with 25 percent of the proceeds benefiting the DAC.

This year's judge, Museum of Modern Art instructor Larissa Bailiff, felt that the judging was both a pleasure and a challenge, especially across the work of the high school-age group, "whose drawings and photographs were all impassioned, beautiful and original," she said.

Bailiff was pulled in by the colors, textures, light and composition of Pastore's "Old Yella."

"I felt like I was looking at an early Edward Hopper or an Andrew Wyeth painting," she said.

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Best in show
Stan Pastore, "Old Yella"
Kathleen Weinstock, "Rose"
Jill Sarver, "Marjorie's Still Life"
Chris Filmer, "Birch Park"
Peter Thoren, "Approaching Alburquerque"
Patricia Culver, "Bailey Beach I & II"
Stuart Weismiller, "Spring is Blooming"
Color photography
Joyce Grasso, "Dad"
Nanci Natale, "Weir Farm-November"
Joanna Bridges, Ricasoli, Florence
Black and white photography
Burr Tweedy, "Gotham Skyline"
William McKissock, "Traps"
Polly Davis, "Wandering"
Annie Archibald, "Trumpets"
Tom Volpe, "Dance Lady"
Joseph Dermody, "Wood Sculpture 1"
Rebecca Ashcraft, "Toes in Sand"
Bela Szabo, "Giant Mums"
Kazumasa Oda, "Remnants of Fisherman"
Mixed media
Cynthia Whalen, "Pond"
Henry Glavin, "Trellis"
Amy Schott, "Map Deconstruction #4"
Drawing, pastel and graphics
Dan Scheckler, "The Violent Rebirth of Man"
Donna Atkins, "Greenwich Cove"
Diane Weeks, "Darien Train Station"
High school, photography
Jackson McGoldrick, "Untitled"
Lucy Baldwin, "Green House"
Graham Manning, "Hide and Seek"
High school, sculpture
Sami Ryan, "Naples"
Craig Maguire, "Bowl"
Craig Maguire, "Fountain"
High school, all other media
Caroline Palmer, " 'tis the season"
David Ziga, "Subterranean Dreams"
Isabel Sutherland, "Self Portrait"
Grades 6-8
Sheena Zhou, "City at Night"
Ben Roland, "Freedom"
Josiah Harris, "Waiting"
Grades 3-5
Greta Hoffmeister, "Irisis"
Rachael Huang, "The Wolf"
Marisa Albarran, "Greta"
Grades K-2
Anastassia Grytsenko, "Squirrel with Red Berries"
Anna Ventker, "New York City"
Waverly Walters, "Cartoon Cast"

The show features 14 categories and 43 winners. All adult first-, second- and third-place winners will be on display at the Darien Library from June 10 to July 8. Adult honorable mention winning entries will be on display from June 9 to July 8 at the Darien Town Hall. Children's first- and second-place winners will be at Dr. David Osherow's orthodontics office, 24 Old Kings Highway South, from June 9 to July 7.

For information, call 203-655-8683 or visit darienarts.org.