The Callari Auto Group will sponsor the 81st annual Ox Ridge Charity Horse Show, which runs Thursday through June 19 at the Ox Ridge Hunt Club in Darien.

Callari will showcase their automobiles -- BMW, Volvo and MINI Cooper -- during the event. Callari plans to move its MINI Cooper Store to Darien, off exit 13 in September; one exit north of their BMW of Darien store.

"Being part of the Ox Ridge Charity Horse Show helps the Town Darien and surrounding communities," Paula Callari, president of Callari Auto Group, said.

The highlight of the show will be Ox Ridge's updated ESI Sand Rings which promises to attract the top equestrians in the sport.

"There is so much history here at Ox Ridge," said Callari Vice President Flavia Callari. "We are very happy to be part of this great show."

This year, the Ox Ridge Charity Horse Show will benefit Stamford Hospital's Bennet Cancer Center.

Since 1914, Ox Ridge Hunt Club, at 512 Middlesex Road in Darien, has hosted 8o June charity horse shows supporting local charities.

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