Darien police have announced the following regulations will be in force Sunday evening for the fireworks display at Darien High School.

All traffic will enter the high school grounds via Noroton Avenue. Cars will be parked in a manner so that all vehicles will be facing away from the high school area to expedite traffic flow at the conclusion of the display. No vehicles will be allowed to enter the high school property until 6 p.m.

Noroton Avenue: No parking. Nutmeg Lane: One way traffic facing westbound (towards Hollow Tree Ridge Road). Parking allowed on both sides of street facing west.

High School Lane: One way facing east (towards Middlesex Road). Cars parked on both sides of the street facing east. Holly Lane (public portion only): Parking on south side only facing Middlesex Road. Libby Lane: Parking on west side only facing Middlesex Road.

Residents should be advised that there are a limited number of handicapped parking spaces, and a permit will be required to access the handicapped area. Keep in mind that there is also limited parking at the high school, and you may have to walk some distance to and from your vehicle. Individuals who have friends or family members who have difficulty walking should keep this in mind. Due to the large number of people expected to attend this display, it is urged that whenever possible, residents allow sufficient time to walk to the display area to alleviate as much as possible the anticipated traffic congestion.

Approximately 34 police officers will be stationed at points along with barricades, and no parking signs will regulate parking. Due to the large number of vehicles expected, it will be necessary to enforce parking regulations by designating tow away zones. Vehicles that are determined to be in a hazardous location, vehicles that are impeding traffic flow, and vehicles that are blocking driveways will be towed away by an on-duty wrecker that will be on site throughout the event.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on any school property. In addition, anyone caught tampering with or removing no parking signs will be arrested.

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When capacity has been reached for all parking, Noroton Ave. Extension will be closed. Parents are reminded that they will not be allowed into the high school area to pick up their children until after the roads are clear. Parents should arrange a pickup site and tell their children to wait at that site until they can gain entry into the area. For the safety of all spectators, light colored clothing should be worn and if possible, spectators should carry a flashlight or a chemical light.

A police department and emergency services command post will be located in the parking lot near the entrance to the football field.