DARIEN — The Darien Police Department responded to a domestic violence incident that began as an argument over laundry on Wednesday, July 27 around 10 p.m.

Police reported to a residence to find the suspect, William King, of Walmsley Road, in the front yard in an agitated state. King told police there were ongoing tensions between himself and the victim and things “boiled over.” King said he and the victim had been arguing over who was going to do laundry. The 49-year-old claimed the argument was verbal and there had been no physical confrontation.

Inside the residence, officers discovered a laundry basket tipped over and detergent spilled over the floor of the basement laundry room. They also found the victim, sitting in a chair and holding their right arm. The victim said they went to the basement to do laundry when King followed. An argument ensued and the victim, trying to escape King, went upstairs. King followed the victim, who became frightened and tried to call 911. King attempted to hit the phone out of the victim’s hand, but instead struck the victim’s forearm. The victim was then able to call the police.

Officers noticed a large bruise on the victim’s arm, but the victim declined medical attention and told the officers the bruise was from several days ago. The victim would not disclose how the bruise got there but had no other visible marks.

King was arrested for assault of an elderly person and interfering with an emergency phone call. He was held on a $1,000 bond and was in court on July 28.

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