Police arrested a Darien man after a domestic violence escalated and the man barricaded himself in his room.

Stephen Lessard, 23, of 55 Brookside Drive, was arrested on Saturday after fighting with his father and pushing his aunt to the ground, police said.

Lessard was charged with third-degree assault, assault of a person older than 60, disorderly conduct, threatening and second-degree criminal mischief, police said.

The incident occurred around 4:12 p.m. when Lessard took his aunt's car and drove to his father's home in Stamford where he crashed his aunt's car into his father's truck, and then left the scene on foot, police said.

The father called the residence to speak to his son but when the aunt answered, the father could hear yelling and objects being broken, police said. The police were called to the residence after Lessard pushed his aunt onto the floor where she suffered minor injuries, police said.

After arriving on scene, officers observed Lessard in an upstairs window screaming and making suicidal threats, police said. He later appeared on the roof with two hatchets and threatened to throw them at his siblings if they didn't leave, police said.

Lessard then barricaded himself in his room where officers attempted to talk to him, before he eventually came out and turned himself into police custody, police said.

He was transported to Stamford Hospital and released to the psychiatric department, police said.

He was scheduled to appear in court today.