Darien police are urging residents to be on guard for visits from burglars after thieves posed as water company employees as ruse to get into a Ledge Road home.

At about 3 p.m. June 11, a male subject confronted a Ledge Road resident at her home and said a water leak was coming from her house, according to Darien Police Detective Jeremiah Marron.

The perpetrator accompanied the woman through her home to check on conditions while a second suspect is believed to have entered the residence to remove cash and other valuables, according to police.

The first suspect remained on the phone for the majority of the incident, with police believing he was giving his accomplice signals about their whereabouts, according to Marron.

The victim in this sort of crime is often an older person, police warned, because they often live alone or need help maintaining their property. Criminals may seek to draw a resident out of a house or into their basement on some pretext. In another variation of the crime, a perpetrator sneaks in another entrance of the home while the occupant is answering the knock of an accomplice, according to police.

Police advise residents to question the legitimacy of any unscheduled visitors claiming to be utility workers, public officials, door to door salespeople, asking about a lost pet, asking for directions, or asking about work on the property.

If the visitor claims to be on official business from an agency, residents should call that organization or company to verify their identity.

Further safeguards suggested by police include:

Keeping your purse or wallet out of sight.

Keeping jewelry and other small items of value in a safe.

Keep all doors locked, and if you exit the house to speak with a visitor, lock the door behind you.

Similar incidents should be reported to the Darien Police Department at 203-662-5300.