DARIEN — After three-and-a-half years in Noroton Heights, Pure Barre studio has moved to a new location at 1958 Post Road.

“We’re excited to bring in new lines, new brands and a bigger studio space as well,” owner Kristen McClutchy said. The new location offers a larger space to sell retail and a larger studio for customers.

McClutchy said starting the business came from her love for barre techniques. Though there are a variety of techniques, she always gravitated towards Pure Barre.

“It’s very innovative,” she said. “It’s a more athletic approach to barre.”

The base exercise has been around for awhile, but Pure Barre is a more evolved form of the technique. The idea in Pure Barre is to create long, lean muscles. The exercise involves small movements and focuses on each muscle group. The muscles are worked to a fatigue and then stretched out, McClutchy said.

“In September, we’re launching a reform class, which is a little more pilates based,” she said. “We’re trying to be more of a one-stop shop.”

New classes will provide customers the opportunity to do barre exercises, toning, cardio and pilates. Different equipment will be used in the studio to simulate a pilates reformer machine, McClutchy said.

“We’re taking the barre technique and adding a little more cardio to the side,” she said.

Barre classes at the studio max out at around 20. Cardio classes, which require a bigger range of motion, usually have 15 participants. Classes go from 6 a.m. to a little after 7 p.m. Even in the morning, classes occur hourly to accommodate customers’ schedule.

“We try to eliminate the excuse of ‘I don’t have time to work out,’ ” McClutchy said.

New clients can come in the studio and try out the classes for free the first week. After that, Pure Barre offers the new client special — 30 days of unlimited classes for $99.

“We have pricing options for everyone,” McClutchy said.

Melissa Buch, instructor and manager at Pure Barre, said after her first child, she found Pure Barre to be the most effective workout.

“Especially for women. It targets trouble areas for them,” she said. “You work your arms, your abs, your thighs in every single class.”

Quick results kept her involved with the exercises when she first started. If customers come regularly, they can potentially see results in eight to 10 classes, Buch said. “What’s really unique about this workout is everything we do is done in tiny isometric units.”

For that workout, there is no bulking and it focuses solely on toning and tightening. Buch said anybody can do it because there is low to no impact, meaning if a customer has problem areas or any injuries, they can still perform the exercises.

“Really what this workout does is it pushes yourself,” she said. “You’re working against your own body’s resistance. You become stronger and stronger with every class you take.”