The Republicans managed to keep their majority on the Board of Selectmen as they fended off a challenge from Democrats.

After serving a single term as first selectman, Campbell decided to step down and run as a selectman. Campbell, who owns Rings End Lumber, earned 3,033 votes Tuesday in a campaign focused primarily on getting a new senior center built while renovating 35 Leroy Ave. and the Town Hall Annex. Campbell cited the cost of building a standalone senior center at about the same $7 million cost to renovate nearly 45,000 square feet of municipal buildings.

Jerry Nielsen, who received 3,022 votes will begin serving his second term on the BOS after being elected in 2009. Nielsen said the biggest priority for him is to see a new senior center constructed because the seniors in town had approved nearly $100 million in capital projects and it was time for the town to give something back to them.

"I work hard and have the best interests of the town at heart, and I'm prepared to continue working hard," Nielsen said.

Democrat John Lundeen is the new face on the BOS as he begins his first term after being defeated in his bid for the first selectman's seat. Lundeen garnered 1,525 During his campaign Lundeen cited his experience working with budgets during the Carter and Reagan administrations as reasons why he would make a strong candidate. Lundeen said he would be careful with how taxpayer dollars are spent while also helping to draw more attention to issues in town, like sidewalks on Hoyt Street, that he believed didn't receive enough attention.

Democrat David Bayne, who was reelected with 1,664 votes, has served on the BOS for the past four years and argued against funding for the shuffle project. Instead, Bayne said he would rather see the town sell 35 Leroy Ave. and use the proceeds to help fund a stand-alone senior center. Despite his opposition to the shuffle project, Bayne agreed a new senior center was necessary but argued against the need for more office space for the Board of Education.

Democrat Vickie Riccardo lost her BOS bid with 1,473 votes.