After serving on various town boards, Democrat Vickie Riccardo is looking to join the Board of Selectmen come November.

Riccardo, who currently serves on the Planning and Zoning Commission, has also served as a member of the Representative Town Meeting, and cites her experience as a mother as part of her leadership qualities.

Weighing in on the shuffle debate, Riccardo said she would like to see a new senior center built, but did not believe the shuffle project cost was justified.

"I agree that the senior center needs to be replaced," she said. "I think 35 Leroy should be included in the price, and the property could be sold and the proceeds used to build a new senior center."

Riccardo said by renovating the Town Hall annex the seniors would have to wait until the BOE was moved to their new offices.

"We could get a senior center space built faster if we don't wait to renovate the annex," she said.

Besides concerns from sharing a space, Riccardo also doesn't agree with the price.

"We heard a lot of talk about getting rid of the nice-to-haves but that didn't happen."

Riccardo also has concerns with the operating expenses for the new spaces which hadn't been discussed.

"There will be operating expenses that haven't been addressed because we have to take care of our buildings," she said. "These things cost money and they don't go away."

When discussing the parking permit issue, Riccardo said she hoped she would learn more about the problem if elected but suggested raising prices may help to encourage people to give up their permits.

"I have watched the discussions and I think the town takes this issue seriously," she said. "Raising prices may help, but I'm sure I will learn more if elected."