Scouts at the Boy Scout cabin on West Avenue are using recently installed audio-visual equipment thanks to a grant from the Darien Foundation.

"Working with the Darien Foundation was a great experience," said Harry Molwitz, project leader and assistant Scoutmaster. "They made some very creative suggestions to our original proposal to improve the cabin's capabilities as a leadership training center, and they were very involved and supportive during the entire project. We are grateful to the Darien Foundation."

The foundation funded the purchase and installation of a sound and video system, as well as a computer and an AED defibrillator at the cabin. Scouts use the equipment as part of the process of boys leading boys to plan trips, give presentations and celebrate achievements. Since most Scouts are already trained in first aid, the addition of the AED makes the cabin one of the safest places in Darien.

The Andrew Shaw Memorial Trust owns and operates the Boy Scout cabin and sponsors two Boy Scout troops and three of the four Cub Scout packs in Darien.

Any boy between the ages of 11 and 17 can join by visiting

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