After two years on the Board of Selectmen, Jerry Nielsen is ready for another round.

When first considering the idea of running for a BOS position, Nielsen said because his family has been in Darien for so long he believed he could bring a lot to the table.

"I have my business here, and my kids are fourth-generation residents, and this town means a lot to me," he said.

Since joining the board, Nielsen said he believed some of the biggest accomplishments for the town have been the state granting an affordable housing moratorium, bringing the fireworks display back to Darien High School, and finding a reasonable solution for fixing the senior center.

"I work hard and have the best interests of the town at heart, and I'm prepared to continue working hard," Nielsen said.

As for his priorities, Nielsen said the senior center will be the most important aspect to focus on.

"The number-one focus for me is getting the senior center moved and rebuilt," he said. "We need to be fiscally responsible and make sure our residents are getting what they paid for."

Nielsen, who favors the shuffle plan, said the town will benefit because the project will result in virtually new buildings.

"I think the plan is perfect for the town and it will work for the town."

Since the senior population has approved nearly $100 million in capital projects around town, Nielsen said it was only fair to give them back something as well.

If re-elected Nielsen said he would continue to work hard to improve the town and make sure money is spent responsibly.

"I think we're making a positive difference in town and will continue to do so," Nielsen said.