"South Asia...Revisited," an exhibition of photographs by Gillian Marshall, including images from her most recent travels in India is on display at Upper Crust Bakery & Café, 980 Post Road, Darien.

An award-winning photographer, Marshall has an innate passion for South Asia, which, she believes, is the rich legacy of her late uncle, who served as a British Political Officer in Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim, in the 1930's. He and her late aunt spent two-and-a-half years based in Sikkim, during which time they formed deep personal relationships with the royal families of Bhutan and Sikkim and Tibet's 13th Dalai Lama, and it became a state of India in 1975.

Since 1995, Marshall continues to travel extensively each year in South Asia, fulfilling her passion for this region of our world, enmeshed in the culture and folklore of Bhutan, India, Mongolia, Thailand, Tibet, and Sri Lanka. She has visited Bhutan three times, twice as a guest of the Royal Family. In 1998, during her first visit to this Himalayan kingdom, she met Ashi Tashi (sister of Her Majesty the Royal Grandmother). During her aunt and uncle's time in Bhutan, Marshall's Aunt Peggy and Ashi (Bhutanese for `princess') shared a great friendship, despite their seventeen-year age difference.

"It was so very moving to come full circle, sixty-five years later," Marshall said.

Marshall uses her photography to show the community the beauty of Asia,

"Each of my journeys to this fragile region of our planet brings riches beyond compare," she said. "On my travels, I am blessed to come to know the people of these regions -- indigenous peoples, many of whom still live at one with their ancestors. Giggling, curious children surround me as I immerse myself in mystic cultures and delight in the richness of my experiences. In my images, I strive to capture the essence of these precious souls whom I meet along the way -- each with their unique, distinct culture and customs. If, through my photography, I can bring to my viewers a sense of South Asia, its peoples and its culture, then my dream is fulfilled."

The show runs through April 22. For more information call 203-655-7566 or e-mail www.UCBCDarien.com.

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