Darien Sport Shop has begun selling graphic designer Sarah Fey's "Monstapods," a new line of stickers that transform car-top cargo boxes into sea creatures. The brand launches with the "Roof Shark" and the Shamu-like "Roof Whale."

These animals not only animate the roadways, but also raise money to promote awareness of marine conservation. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated to marine programs protecting sharks and whales.

"For every Roof Shark or Roof Whale travelling on the highway a real shark or whale will be protected in the wild," she said.

Each Shark or Whale comes with a unique tag number mimicking the tags scientists use to track animals. Travellers can post photos of their own "Monsta," or others seen in the "wild," to the Sightings page at Monstapods.com.

"This is going to be a great car game, especially in our great migration seasons: late-summer and ski season," Fey said.

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Monstapods was born in the Fey's garage when she and her husband surprised their daughters by turning their Thule box into a shark with duct tape.

"I've always loved the way this simple idea takes a familiar object and makes you see it completely differently," Fey, a graphic designer for more than 20 years, said. "Had you noticed that a silver cargo box looks just like a shark? The surprise delights people."

Monstapods are sold through www.monstapods.com and are migrating to outdoor sports retailers that sell Thule and Yakima products. They cost $19.99. More species will be available in the future.

Sarah Fey is the founder of Sarah Fey Design, LLC, where her clients include schools, financial services firms, health care companies and local businesses. Before moving to Connecticut in 1999, Fey was a founding partner of Philographica, a Boston-based design firm. She has also designed and art-directed several business magazines including two for Bloomberg LLP. She holds an MFA from Yale University School of Art and a Bachelor's degree from Amherst College. She lives in Greenwich with her husband, three daughters, two dogs and a hamster. She has "a shark and a whale in the driveway," as well.