Dear editor,

Monday night’s Republican Caucus was memorable in many ways. More than 320 Darien Republicans came out on a hot summer night and casted their vote for an outstanding slate of Republican candidates, including my selectmen teammates Susan Marks and Kip Koons. Susan, Kip and I are eager to hear the thoughts and concerns as we work to earn your vote on Nov. 3. It takes a solid team that’s committed to listening to our residents and business owners, and one that works together to keep our town well managed, open to opportunity, fiscally responsible and dedicated to maintaining Darien’s superb quality of living. It’s also an honor and privilege for me to have earned the caucus endorsement and run for a third term as your first selectman.

Thank you to the Republican Town Committee and all Republicans that supported our team last night and to the Registrars of Voters staff for helping organize the evening. Seeing so many townspeople engaged in the process of choosing future town leadership last night was truly inspiring!

My best,

Jayme Stevenson

First Selectman

Candidate for First Selectman