DARIEN — First Selectman Jayme Stevenson was defeated by Southington’s Joe Markley in the lieutenant governor primary race Tuesday night.

“I’m disappointed we didn’t have more time,” Stevenson said. “I’m super proud of our efforts and all of the support.”

Stevenson held a primary party Tuesday for members of the community, family, friends and fellow politicians to watch the results trickle in. The makeshift headquarters for Stevenson was at full capacity, holding around 40 people. Some attendees even lounged outside.

Marc D’amelio, who is running for the 25th District Senate seat, was in attendance.

“I just wanted to show up and show my support,” he said. “I met Stevenson at the Republican convention and I knew she was the best candidate for the job.”

Despite the loss, the crowd did not waver in its support.

Primary results

Darien in the primary election. Unofficial numbers provided by Connecticut Secretary of State.



Mark Bougton 278

Timothy M Herbst 152

Steve Obsitnik 338

Bob Stefanowski 353

David Stemerman 579


Ned Lamont 679

Joe Ganim 41



Joe Markley 216

Jayme Stevenson 1,417

Erin Stewart 87


Susan Bysiewicz 562

Eva B. Zimmerman 135



Matthew Corey 1,093

Dominic Rapini 331



Anzelmo Graziosi 90

Marcy Minnick 163



Thad Gray 1,077

Art Linares 370


Shawn Wooden 366

Dita Bhargava 320



Sue Hatfield 1,103

John Shaban 369


William Tong 595

Paul R Doyle 38

Chris Mattei 78

“This door wasn’t the door for her to go through right now,” said Lulu McPhee, a Rowayton resident. “But there is certainly a door for her to go through.”

Stevenson won 82 percent of the votes for Republicans in Darien, and won around 19 percent in the state. With the loss, she said she will return her focus to Darien.

“Even if I lost today, I still win because I get to be the first selectman here in the town of Darien,” she said. “Now I go back to putting 100 percent of my focus to people here locally.”

Unofficial results from the secretary of the state’s office said voter turnout for Republicans was around 32 percent statewide. For Democrats, turnout statewide was around 29 percent.

About 1,700 votes came in for the Republican governor’s race in Darien, while 720 votes came in for the Democratic governor race, according to the secretary of the state’s office.

In town, the Republican governor’s race results did not mirror that of the state. Bob Stefanowski won the Republican nomination with around 29 percent of the votes statewide. However in Darien, David Stemerman won the majority, with 34 percent of the votes.

Ned Lamont won the Democratic nomination for governor in the state and in Darien by a landslide. He collected 81 percent of the votes statewide and 94 percent of the votes in Darien.

Susan Bysiewicz won the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor in Darien with 80 percent of the votes.

Bysiewicz also won the nomination in the state with 62 percent of the vote.

Darien followed the state trend for treasurer in both the Republican and Democratic primary races — Republican Thad Gray won 55 percent of the votes statewide and won in Darien with 74 percent, while Democrat Shawn Wooden won 56 percent of the votes statewide, and won with 53 percent in Darien.


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