After many years involved in town government, Callie Sullivan announced she would not be seeking re-election as a selectman during the Democratic Town Committee caucus.

Before Sullivan spoke, DTC Chairman John Davis spoke briefly about Sullivan's years of service.

"Thank you, Callie, for your years of sevice. Callie has opened up her home for events, fundraisers and meetings and I have always felt very welcome there," Davis said. "She is dedicated to Democratic politics and she's got a big heart."

Davis said that even though Sullivan is leaving politics for now, she would still be involved with the DTC.

Sullivan decided to not seek re-election after she realized other aspects of her life were going to require her full attention.

"This is a difficult speech because saying goodbye is not easy," Sullivan said. "I'm here tonight to say thank you and to say I'm taking a break for now."

Sullivan said she came to the conclusion in April that she could no longer commit the time to being a selectman, as her two daughters begin looking at colleges and her husband's work becomes more demanding.

"To say the Sullivan family is very busy is an understatement," Sullivan joked. "I came to the conclusion in April that I can't do it all."

Looking at the issues the town will face in the future, Sullivan highlighted some of the issues she sees with the current administration.

"Because the Democrats make up the minority the majority made little effort to answer important questions, compromise or give credence to concerns," she said.

Sullivan also noted the current majority wanted to control unnecessary spending and keep taxes as reasonable as possible.

"Isn't that what we did?" Sullivan asked in reference to when the Democrats gained the majority from 2007-2009. "There are has been lots of up-front spending and the future is filled with unknown costs but tomorrow we can begin asking new questions."

Some of the questions Sullivan said should be asked included where the business plan for the downtown area is, how the Board of Selectmen can spend money on a senior center and not know how it will be run, and how will the problem with flooding be solved.

"Asking these questions will be repaid when our candidates win in November," Sullivan said. "It has been a pleasure to serve with David Bayne since 2007 and it has been a gift to have David by my side. Our town's direction can be righted and I am proud to be a Darien Democrat."