"Scalene" is Zack Parker's enigmatic, edgy thriller starring Emmy Award-winner Margo Martindale ("Justified," "A Gifted Man") as a mother with a mentally handicapped son (Adam Scarimbolo) and his caregiver (Hanna Hall).

Morgan Spurlock's witty, comedic documentary "Mansome" looks at men's self-image and identity through the exploration of their idiosyncratic grooming habits, while "Gone: The Disappearance of Aeryn Gillern" focuses on a mother's desperate search for a former Mr. Gay Australia and why the Viennese police will not assist her.

In "Mysteria," a washed-up, whiskey-soaked screenwriter (Robert Miano) finds himself the center of a police inquiry into the murder of a prominent politician's wife by hard-nosed investigators (Danny Glover, Michael Rooker).

Can reality television save the marriage of a bickering couple (Christy Scott Cashman and Jay Harrington) counseled by "The Love Guide," a hippie-yogi, personal growth TV guru (Parker Posey) who lives in the moment with only the slightest grasp of reality? Your guess.

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And sci-fi fans will enjoy "Extraterrestrial," a dark romantic comedy by the Spanish director Nacho Viglondo.

For preschoolers, "Timmy Time: Happy Birthday Timmy" finds the mischievous lamb celebrating in the barnyard.

PICK OF THE WEEK: Set in the titular French port, legendary Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki's uplifting, warm-hearted "Le Havre" revolves around a down-on-his-luck shoeshine man (Andre Wilms) and his ailing wife (Kati Outinen) who befriend an African lad (Blondin Miguel), who's being hunted by the police for deportation after escaping from a ship container filled with illegal immigrants from Gabon.