A 17-year-old Darien male is facing charges after police said he shot a 17-year-old female friend in the head with a BB gun on Sept. 20.

The female told police she went to a Mansfield Avenue home to spend time with a friend who was dog sitting. The dog sitter said two of their male friends would join them, police said.

When the teenage males arrived, they went outside and one of the boys displayed a black gun, which police later determined to be a BB gun.

One of the boys pointed the gun into the sky and pulled the trigger several times, police said.

The boy told the girls that the gun was empty and only air was being released, police said. He then pointed the gun one of the girls' head and pulled the trigger, police said.

The girl said she felt a stinging on her head and that she was injured and went inside to look at her head, at which point she saw that she was bleeding, police said.

She reported feeling weak and dizzy and thought she went into shock so she called her parents to pick her up, according to the report.

Her mother drove her to Stamford Hospital, but later went to Greenwich Hospital because of the four-hour wait time in Stamford, police said.

When officers arrived at the suspect's home, he told them he and a friend went to Wal-Mart and bought the BB gun before going to the Mansfield Avenue house.

The suspect said he did fire the gun but that he never loaded it with any BBs and thought it was empty, police said.

The juvenile was arrested on charges of third-degree assault, reckless endangerment and illegal discharge of a firearm.

The BB gun was turned over to police.

The teenager was released on a promise to appear in juvenile court on Sept. 30.

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