DARIEN — About 15 cars were rummaged through at night, leaving several people in the area robbed of small items left in their unlocked vehicles.

Between Wednesday, Aug. 17 and Thursday, Aug. 18, several cars on Bailey Avenue, Robin Hood Lane and Stony Brook Road were searched by what police believe to be the same person or group. The cars were unlocked and many had nothing taken from them, but the center consoles and glove compartments were left open.

Several vehicles from all three streets did, however, have items stolen from them. Two sets of sunglasses, valued at $10 each, were taken from a 2014 Ford Explorer on Bailey Avenue. A radio faceplate and an iPod were also stolen out of a Honda Civic parked on the street. Homeowners on Bailey Avenue also reported the garage door opener taken from their car had been used to open their garage. However, nothing was stolen from inside the garage.

Additionally, three vehicles on Robin Hood Lane had items taken from them. A gym bag was stolen from a 2015 Volkswagen Golf, a cellphone charger was taken from a 2014 Mini Cooper and $20 was stolen out of a 2016 GMC SUV.

On Stony Brook Road, a leather wallet valued at $150 was stolen from a 2010 Lexus.


mediact.com; @erin_kayata