Darien police are investigating a series of burglaries of unlocked cars — including eight in one night — over the past two weeks.

There were eight reported burglaries of unlocked cars during the overnight hours between Aug. 16 and 17, Darien Police Sgt. Jeremiah Marron said. The thefts were concentrated in the areas of Miles Road, Hollow Tree Ridge Road and Outlook Drive by the shore, Marron said. There was no further information immediately available on what was taken from the cars.

Two other car break-ins were reported last week when loose change was taken from an unlocked 2013 Chevy Impala at a Patton Drive residence during the overnight hours of Wednesday Aug. 12 into Thursday Aug. 13. Thieves also rifled through a 1998 green Saturn SW-2 at the Patton Drive home, but did not appear to take anything, Marron said.