DARIEN — The people will have their fireworks.

In a March 29 email, Selectman Susan Marks and Representative Town Meeting member Stacey Tie, who have coordinated the summer fireworks in previous years, confirmed that the fireworks would be scheduled for July 7 at Darien High School.

“We are so grateful to the Darien Parks and Recreation Department, they have raised their hand to plan the 2018 Town fireworks,” Marks and Tie wrote in an email. “Thank you also to David Genovese and the many sponsors who year after year make donations to this wonderful community event.”

Only a month ago, the fireworks event was under peril of not occurring because of a lack of volunteers and renovations at the Darien High School. The high school has recently seen the construction of new turf fields and a concession building. An addition to the cafeteria is slated to take place during the summer.

According to Marks and Tie, the Board of Education approved the use of the location for the summer event last week.

Pam Gery, the Parks and Re creation Department director, said that she would be in touch with Marks and Tie as preparations are underway for the summer event.

“They will stay by our side and make sure the event goes well and the process is smooth,” Gery said. “Our department is happy to make sure the event goes well, we do activities in town and the we want to make sure there are no issues.”

The Board of Selectmen had approved a budget back in February that had cut $13,000 from the budget, money destined towards paying police officers for overtime hours. The Board of Finance is currently reviewing the town’s proposed budget.

First Selectman Jayme Stevenson said via email that the money raised for the event comes mainly from private donations.

“We will look to existing funding sources to cover any police expenses,” Stevenson added. “If we need additional funding, we will request this from the Board of Finance.”

In case of rain, the fireworks will take place July 8.

Gery said that the department could make some possible changes to the fireworks event for 2019 but she doesn’t anticipate anything different for this upcoming summer.

“We’re basically going to be taking their lead. As long as the fireworks company, the police and we all join hands, we can make sure it’s a successful event,” Gery said.