Two Darien residents reported a phone scam that resembled other ones that have been thwarted in previous weeks.

On Feb. 20, a woman received a phone call from a man with a Hispanic accent who said he was with someone who had been injured and was asked to call her, according to the report. When the man, who called himself Robert, would not tell the woman the name of the injured person, she told him to not call her again and she hung up.

The man then called her again; she hung up the phone on him. The woman then received a text full of expletives and spelling errors from the same phone number, according to police.

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On Feb. 22, another woman, who was on her cellphone, pulled into the Darien Police Department parking lot and flagged down an officer, according to the report. The officer noted that the woman appeared extremely agitated. The woman wrote a note to the officer telling him that the man on the phone said he had kidnapped her son following a motor vehicle accident. The man, who said his name was Robert Torres, had broken her son's hand with his gun and he was going to kill him if she did not wire $2,000 to him, police said.

After trying to contact her son, Darien officers asked the Stamford Police Department to send a unit to the son's Stamford residence.

One of the police officers took the cellphone from the woman and pretended to be her son.

"How can you kill me when I'm right here?" the officer asked Torres, according to the report. Torres hung up the phone, police said.

The mother was able to contact her son who was not in any danger.

According to police, similar phone scams have occurred in Milford and Fairfield.