DARIEN -- At least three pedestrians were injured Friday morning in a bus accident at the northbound I-95 rest stop, including one man whose leg was pinned under the vehicle.

Witnesses said a bus pulled into the parking lot behind the rest plaza, where a group of people were standing, and ran over a man's leg and a woman's foot. Another man was knocked to the ground causing bruises to his knee and shin.

Anthony Lee, who was waiting in the parking lot of the rest stop for his friends to use the bathroom, told police he saw the bus stop in the parking lot before it pulled forward and hit him causing him to strike another woman.

After the bus struck him, Lee told police the bus stopped with one of its wheels pinning a man's leg and a woman's foot. Lee and others yelled at the bus driver to back up which he eventually did. Lee said the man's foot was crushed and both he and the woman were taken by ambulance to the hospital. Lee told police the bus driver sat on the bus after the incident with his head in his hands.

A dispatcher at state police Troop G in Bridgeport said state police responded to a call of a bus accident at around 9:30 a.m. She said state police would release details shortly.

The Darien and Noroton Heights fire departments also responded to the crash.