DARIEN — Police said over the course of two days, several unlocked cars were entered and one was stolen from a Laforge Road driveway.

The incidents began on Jan. 20 when three cars had been ransacked on Deepwood Road. All had been left unlocked and nothing was taken. Less than a half mile away on Hickory Lane, another unlocked car was found entered with nothing taken.

The next day, an unlocked car was reported entered on Thomasina Lane. Nothing was taken and two other cars left in the driveway were locked and undisturbed. Another unlocked car on the street was also reported as being rifled through overnight with nothing taken.

Also on Jan. 21, a blue 2015 Lexus RX was reported stolen on Laforge Road, a half mile away from where the other cars were entered. The victim told police the car, which had been locked, had been taken overnight. She also said she had both sets of keys to the car, but one set may have been close enough in the house for the suspect to find and take.

Another unlocked car on the street was also entered, but nothing was taken.