DARIEN — Police are investigating after a woman’s wallet was stolen at the Whole Foods on Ledge Road.

The woman told police she was shopping at the supermarket on Sept. 28 around 5 p.m. When finished, she went to remove her wallet from her purse to pay for groceries and realized it was missing. Store management was notified, and they observed the woman’s wallet being stolen via security camera footage.

According to police, the woman is seen entering the produce section, and while her back is turned to her cart, a Hispanic male wearing jeans, a sport coat and baseball hat reaches into her purse and removes her wallet.

Inside the wallet were six debit/credit cards, a driver’s license, and $20 in cash. Shortly after having her wallet stolen, she was contacted by her bank who informed her that three separate purchases — one for $4,313, one for $200, and one for $4,000 — had been attempted in Stamford using her cards.

The investigation is ongoing, police said.