The Darien Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to release $18,300 to the Weed Beach Building Committee at the board's regular meeting Monday night.

The funds will be used to "allow the completion of required drawing specifications for the Weed Beach project," Republican First Selectman David Campbell said Monday.

"The project was approved several years ago, and money was actually set aside for the project. So what we needed to do was just get money released," said Weed Beach Building Committee Chairman Debra Parnon. "It's not new money. It's already been marked for this project."

The beach renovation project was originally approved by the Board, and was appropriated $3.6 million, but a freeze on capital projects was initiated in October 2008. Since then, the Board has released funds for the installation of a donated playground structure at the beach. This latest bit of money, which will pay for updated architectural drawings, specifications and final site engineering work, is the last the committee will need before the project is set for bidding, Parnon said.

"We never really did complete ... site plan engineering. We have to do some trenching, and reconfiguring of the parking lot areas, taking a lot of asphalt out to create more permeable surfaces to reduce flooding," she said.

"We're pretty much ready. We just want to make sure our plans were detailed enough to go out to bid so the people bidding would know exactly what the plans reflected," Parnon said.

Once the plans are finished, Parnon said the committee plans on coming back to the Board, "hopefully at one of their July meetings" for an approval to go out to bid.

"We're hoping the selectmen approve us to move forward this summer. We have the money, it's just a matter of whether we spend it or not," she said.

If the committee gains approval when it goes in front of the board, the bidding process could start as early as the end of July or early August, Parnon said.

"Then hopefully we'll be ready to go in September or October -- probably more likely October."