"If we did the police station and everything first, you're bonding $14 million more upfront than you would a year-and-a-half from now. The reason I wanted to put it off for a year-and-a-half is because we are decreasing the debt level by $6 million to $7 million a year. That's how we even out the cost to the taxpayers." -- First Selectman David Campbell, Republican

"I still strongly believe the police station needs to be started now. Primarily for what we argued [Monday] night -- the cost will never be lower. We're scraping the bottom of the construction market. Interest rates will never be lower." -- David Bayne, Democrat

"I think it has to be staggered. It's just a matter of what is going to go first. I think we're going to have more discussion through August and hear different views on that. I'll stay open minded." -- Jerry Nielsen, Republican

"Form my perspective, having already voted once on doing the police department and once on Weed Beach ... I think that they should not be the things that we hold, and I would have liked to have seen one of these where the staggered project starts didn't have the police station as being last, but up front." -- Callie Sullivan, Democrat

"The responsible thing is to stagger the projects in a way that creates the most minimal taxpayer burden to the citizens of Darien. If taxpayers feel differently, I certainly would love to hear it." -- Jayme Stevenson, Republican