Making sure teaching methods stay current and promoting collaboration between teachers are two of the areas Morgan Whittier would like to focus on as a member of the Board of Education.

"Going forward, the Board needs to focus on staying current in new teaching methodology and technology application. The Board has already committed to the Learning Center approach and has promoted collaboration and sharing of ideas among colleagues," he said.

Whittier also said the Board needs to monitor the technology plan that is currently in place at the schools and ensure that it is being utilized and followed in the classrooms. As well, Whittier said he would like to see new curriculum ideas be explored, such as web design, multi-variable calculus, or a foreign language program at the elementary level.

As the Board looks at ways to continue improving the district, Whittier said he would like to see the state reverse its decision on burden of proof and find ways to fund some of the state mandates.

"The partially funded mandates from the state have affected our budget significantly," he said. "While the town taxpayers have generously helped us absorb the shortfall and allowed us to continue to supply resources to our students and faculty, this trend cannot continue. A good start would be for the lawmakers in Hartford to vote to reverse the burden of proof in special education."

Having a chance to study the curriculums at the schools played a large role in Whittier's desire to join the Board, and he said he hopes he can continue to help improve the education each student receives.

"During my six years on the Board I have come to find the process of curriculum development fascinating and hopefully have helped be a responsible advocate for budgetary constraint without diminishing our goal of a superior education for each individual student," he said.