DARIEN — Whole Foods employees called police on March 17 to complain that a Bridgeport man was repeatedly calling the store to harass his ex-girlfriend.

Police said they were notified after several days of calls to the store from Flloyd William Gaines, Jr., 46, of Fairfield Ave.

Officers were dispatched to the store on Ledge Road and told that Gaines had been calling to get in touch with his ex, and would become loud and demanding when employees refused, police said.

Police said they were told that on March 15, a male calling from Gaines’ phone number, and identifying himself as “Frank,” contacted the Whole Foods Complaints Department and made an unsubstantiated claim about some prepared food that he received.

On March 14, employees estimated that Gaines called 12 times, police said. The woman said that Gaines would use profanities. She added that a complaint had been made in Bridgeport in January because Gaines was threatening her neighbors.

Police arrested Gaines at Bridgeport Hospital, where he was for an unrelated matter, by warrant on March 23. He was charged with second-degree harassment and second-degree stalking and is being held on a $50,000 bond.

Police said Gains has a lengthy, multi-state criminal record in New York, New Jersey and Georgia.