The Center for Hope hosted a benefit luncheon Monday featuring author Lee Woodruff, who discussed her family's struggles after her husband, ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff, was seriously injured while on assignment.

Bob Woodruff sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of an improvised explosive device while reporting in Iraq.

Lee Woodruff has published two books chronicling her family's experience.

"Usually the IEDs are packed with broken glass or nails because they are designed to maim and disfigure," Woodruff said.

"Luckily the one that went off near Bob wasn't packed with anything."

Woodruff said the explosion caused a large number of rocks to be projected toward Bob with a number embedding themselves in his skull as well as one that cut the strap on his helmet before traveling through his neck.

"I remember the doctor telling me all the valuable real estate is located in your neck; your voice box, esophagus, etc., and somehow that rock missed everything," she said.

Since his injury, Bob has recovered to the point where it would be hard to believe he was ever seriouslyinjured in the first place, she said. For Woodruff, the opportunity to put her thoughts and emotions onto paper has served as therapy.

"This book is all about recovery and marriage," Woodruff said. "It started out as just a huge manuscript but after the first book I wrote I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the second one."

The Center for Hope, which is part of the Family Centers, has been hosting guest speakers for the past three years at its annual luncheon. The Center for Hope helps children living with an illness, grieving over a loss or coping with trauma.